The Low-cost XML based EDI solution

EDI (or Electronic Data Interchange) is the transfer of data by electronic means from one computer to another, or from one organisation to another.

In todays global economy every business faces constant pressure to improve the quality of its products or services while at the same time having to significantly reduce costs. More and more trading partners are insisting on electronic communications, effectively shutting the door on small businesses that do not have the resources or in-house technical ability to implement an electronic sales ordering and invoicing system. Implementing an EDI system across a company and group of associated trading partners can be a complex and daunting project to undertake, particularly with the financial outlay that is generally required.

AvocadoEDI provides a simple and low-cost solution to implementing an EDI system. The out-of-the-box EDI system is completely free, and can provide sales order and invoice processing, and handle data communications between you and your trading partners. Installation and set up is straightforward with only a basic level of technical knowledge required. Alternatively, contact us to arrange demos, training or installation.

Main Features –

  • All data passed as human readable XML

  • Supports custom XML formats by addition of a simple XSLT stylesheet

  • Orders in and Invoices out can be passed via FTP or email

  • Email notifications to designated address on receipt of new orders

  • Multi-server support – can be run from remote servers across a network

System Requirements –

  • Windows 2000/XP or above

  • Java 1.4 or later

  • Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL or other relational database


Sales Orders In –

  • Scheduled collection of orders from a designated FTP site or email inbox

  • Data in the form of raw XML

  • XML order data transformed into sales orders by populating a specific set of tables on your database

  • Email notification to designated address on receipt of new order

Sales Invoices Out –

  • Automatic data collection from specified set of tables on your database

  • Data transformed into raw XML

  • XML invoice posted to designated FTP site or email address

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